Quality Control

Quality control of our cosmetics products comes within the systematic processes and procedures that we implement as manufacturers to ensure that their products meet specified quality standards, are safe for consumer use, and are manufactured in accordance with both Egyptian and European standards, and this is what we strive for.

According to European & Egyptian standard  

includes all stages of the manufacturing, production, & packaging process


Our product manufacturing journey begins with registering the products with the Egyptian Ministry of Health, and this is the first step. Therefore, we have provided the product registration service and the pre-manufacturing procedures stage.

Includes registration of health, nutrition and pharmaceutical products

Service of transferring, registering, canceling and changing product registration

Al+Plastic Tubes Production line

We also have a production line for aluminum tubes, which are indispensable tubes used in many cosmetics.

We also have plastic tubes available in an independent production line.

Aluminum tubes with  highest standards of quality and safety

Available in all sizes and diameters

24/7 Customer service

Great customer service is characterized by quick response, effectiveness, efficiency, kindness, and consistency. And customer service representatives who have a passion for helping others, empathy, a positive attitude, good communication, and problem solving. Providing high-quality customer service, which helps us satisfy customers and fulfill the mission of serving them

Comprehensive service 7 days a week

Follow-up service for the registration, production and shipping process


Quality is our goal, manufacturing is our mission, and your satisfaction is our goal

Our goal is not only quality, but we also carry the mission of satisfying our customers and achieving the highest possible quality in this industry

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