Essential Oils

We manufacture, install, and combine essential oils for Aromatherapy, which is one of the most important products in the recent period that has spread globally, and we install and manufacture them with the highest levels of quality..

Eastern and Western scents to suit all tastes

Extracted from natural and herbal ingredients

A wide range of types of aromatherapy oils


Hair Care Products

Not only manufacturing cosmetics, we also manufacture all necessary hair care and treatment products, including shampoos, conditioners, hair creams, hair oils, and hair styling products.

To treat all hair conditions,  breakage, frizz  & loss

Suitable for all types of hair and scalp

Unique  & sophisticated scents for all hair products


Skin Care treatments

We have a large department in the factory with many of the best experts and technicians in that industry. It also includes skin care products such as facial creams, face wash, toner, masks, and sunscreen.

High quality products that do not cause allergies

Suitable for all skin and skin types

Aroma scents & special formulations for each product


Body Care Products

The company has a wide range of body care and personal care products. Body care products include body creams, body lotion, body butter, and deodorant.

Quality of effective products with no allergies

Best effective innovated formula

light on the skin, quickly absorbed and highly effective

We provides the best quality and the shortest time at competitive prices

An Egyptian factory specializing in manufacturing cosmetics for hair, skin, and body care was  Founded in 1997.
He has extensive experience in the field of cosmetics manufacturing & Owns modern automatic production lines.
Adheres to the highest quality standards.
Offers products at competitive prices